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through less

We've committed to change,

so you don't have to.

Practicing sustainability

We aspire to inspire. Okay, that’s the oldest quote in the book, but it’s true, we really do.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives are split into three areas.

1. Environment

Events inevitably generate waste.

In the face of climate change,

this inescapable truth has spurred us

to relook each stage of our process

and put greater emphasis on

reducing our carbon footprint.

We're pushing for changes on the social front too.

After all, people are our greatest asset.

We actively promote diversity among our employees, clients and vendors. To our staff, we also make sure basic needs are met through group insurance, medical coverage and pro-family policies.

2. Labour

3. Social

The world is bigger than we know. As members of the global community, we respect and support human rights laws, especially efforts made to ensure no single group becomes a victim of discrimination or marginalization.

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