About us

Passionately creative,

Pragmatically targeted,

Meticulously executed

Who we are

At Flash Concepts, we focus on creating the customer engagement platform unique to your brand through relevant and effective campaigns. This results in an experience true to your brand’s value, and an experience that lingers in the minds of your customers long after the campaign is over.

What truly sets us apart is an understanding of the modern consumer and their engagement patterns. With the onset of a truly digital era, a whole lieu of new challenges and opportunities have opened up, and these are the opportunities we aim to tap into.

We understand the challenges behind driving a campaign and how ROI is integral to a campaign. That’s just who we are.


1. Market Discovery

We examine the problem from different angles, helping us better tackle the challenge at hand.




With a firmer grasp on the situation, we design workable solutions for you and your target audience.

2. Define Ideal Experience

Define Ideal



  • Sticky idea

Our campaign goals are simple: lower barriers and raise interactivity.

  • Context

The campaign is then shaped to be relevant and audience-centric.

  • Persuasion

A self-propagating message that resonates with the audience is created.

3. Execution


  • sticky idea

  • context

  • persuasion


Our services











At our core, we drive consumer action through brand interaction and experiences to bring your brand to life. All our campaigns are strategically led and deliver effective and measurable results.

Engaging, innovative, memorable. These are just some of the words we use to describe our specially tailored campaigns that create positive and lasting impressions in the minds of your customers.

We help liaise between various vendors and suppliers to coordinate your event and make sure it runs without a hitch. Ideas come to life with us.

We’re constantly challenging ourselves to come up with unique ideas for your campaign, all in the interests of helping you stand out from the rest. And at the end of the day, you can be sure our ideas will capture your customer’s attention and hearts.

With our own in-house logistics team, we’re able to handle all aspects of the set-up process, allowing you to put your mind at ease and watch the ideas come to life. Simply magic.

Not sure where to run your event? We'll search till the ends of the Earth for the perfect venue so you don't have to.