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Flash Reads Dec '20


The Direct-to-Consumer aesthetic: how minimalism obscures our identities

Consumers decided at some point in the past five years that less was more, but has our quest for minimalism somehow washed away our senses of self and cultures? Who’s to say mess can’t be more either? Read on to see what this writer has to say.


By saving this adorable, elusive wild cat, you could help save the planet (really!)

As mangroves fall prey to deforestation, so too do the wildlife living there. This wildlife conservationist believes we can all work together to save mangroves by using a nocturnal fishing cat as the face of its campaign. Read on to find out more.


How '90s porn led to the internet's foundational law

The internet as we know it is a vast universe with a plethora of information available within a single click (or two). But how did it get so big? It turns out that a single American law from the 90s that was initially constituted to target porn helped shape the very internet that we know and love now. Curious? Watch on to find out how.

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