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2021, an update

As the MICE industry continues to be affected by event and travel restrictions, it has been humbling for us to remember just how fortunate we are as many parts of the world continues to grapple with pandemic realities. We took this quieter first half to hone our crafts, serving up a delectable spread of internal communication projects, and some customer-facing ones as well. Take a gander.

with DBS: Various webinars

We started the year hosting an insightful discussion about global economic trends with Taimur Baig (DBS) and Simon Baptist (The Economist). Our digital team was hard at work in the background to make sure the webinar ran smoothly without a hitch, and we helped spruce up the post-webinar video for, well, aesthetics.

Our next major webinar was a mix of a pre-recorded segment that transitioned into a live on-site question and answer session. We helped to produce the pre-recorded segment and were on-site to manage the livestream transitions. Smooth!

with GrabAds

Grab managed to squeeze in the first hybrid event of the year right before the heightened measures were announced! After more than a year, we were excited to finally return to a physical space and we were even able to leverage on our newly acquired webinar expertise to deliver a fantastic event.

Closing thoughts

With hope and renewed vigor, we’ve oiled our gears and prepped our engines to enter the second half of the year where many exciting new projects await us on the horizon.

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