Flash Reads Oct '20


What does hope look like to you? See how these artists have depicted it

Art is deeply personal and many use it as a form of self-expression. In such trying times, these artists have banded together as part of a campaign to spread hope for the post-Covid future. You can read more here.


Is Being Eco-Friendly a Scam?

When moving towards a sustainable lifestyle, one is often met with snide remarks and doubtful glances. Many often ask, “what’s the point? I’m just one person.” Truth is, while much of the blame rests on corporations, we can do our part too!

You can read more here.


Why are K-pop groups so big?

The Hallyu wave has officially gone mainstream! What was once labelled as the weird offshoot cousin of the music world now sees top groups collaborating with pop music icons like Hayley and Selena Gomez. But if you’re a newcomer to K-pop, you may be wondering why the groups are so big. Read on to find out!