Flash Reads Sep '20


My friends say Spotify SUX, so I took a look at its UX

There’s no doubt that many of us use Spotify for our music fix, and while the UI may look pretty, the UX leaves much to be desired. This designer went on a deep dive to pick apart some glaring inconsistencies and what could be done.

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New York is building a wall to hold back the ocean

As climate change continues to worsen, rising sea levels have been a cause of concern for many coastal cities. Staten Island in New York is one such city looking at ways to protect their coast, but will a wall be enough to keep the sea at bay?

Watch the video here.


the surprising reasons we turn off autocaps and embrace the lowercase

Language has a funny way of reinventing itself, and uppercase text is possibly the next linguistic revolution. Scholars argue that uppercase is archaic, elitist and grounded in patriarchy, while lowercase is presented as being accessible and equal to all.

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