Flash Reads July '20


Why This Font is Everywhere

Storefronts, album covers, movie posters and even food packaging – you name it, this font’s been on it. You might even recognise it somewhere during your next grocery run. In this video, find out how Cooper Black became pop culture’s favourite typeface.

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4 Things You Can Do for Plastic Free July

Feeling guilty about the plastic waste from all the takeaway packaging the past few months? This is just the perfect time for you to join the annual Plastic Free July movement, to pick up a few tips and trick for a more sustainable lifestyle.

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Google Changed Its Result Pages Again. Here's What You Need to Know

Google’s new search algorithm now takes into account your search history. The next time you’re searching for food places, don’t be surprised to see a whole list of salad bars if you’ve recently searched for workout routines!

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