Flash Reads Jan 2020

1. Introducing Vertically Works

Much of our UI is in horizontal orientation, and for good reason: western text is naturally read from left to right. But what if we designed with the Orient in mind?

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2. CES 2020: 3 Emerging Tech Trends Actually Worth Getting Excited About

The Consumer Electronics Show is a yearly affair, showcasing technology that has the potential to disrupt the market as we know it. As we move in to the new decade, GQ takes a look at some of the more realistic propositions featured in the show.

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3. How Companies Like JPay Are Making Millions Charging Prisoners to Send an Email

In 1967, Debrod postulated that there remains nothing, in culture or nature, which has not been transformed, and polluted according to the means and interests of modern industry. That definitely seems to be true with JPay capitalizing on prison mail service.

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