2019, looking back

The past decade has been a wild rollercoaster ride. There’s been highs, lows, and plenty of loops in the middle. As a society, we’ve begun to realize the importance of matters like human rights and climate change, and how our actions directly impact the society around us. It’s never too late to fight for the future.

Here at Flash, we’ve been proponents of sustainability since our inception, and with the coming of the new decade, we intend to flesh out our existing sustainability policies even more and double down on our efforts. We will become champions of our causes. But if you’re curious what we’ve been up to the past six months, here’s a quick recap.

with Masimo: Technology Symposium 2019

Masimo came to us with a simple proposition: organize their first ever technology symposium in Singapore.

We first split up the ballroom into two halves. The front half was reserved for the lecture and sit-down meals.

The back half of the ballroom was turned into an immersive simulated hospital environment, with a huge 18-meter-long backdrop serving as the visual entry point.

with DBS: Logistic Disrupt 2019

We may have done many Disrupts up to this point, but Logistic Disrupt was a beast of its own, with a two-day booth at eCommerce Expo.

The first requirement of the event was an actual booth area that allowed for sit-down classroom style lessons.

We created booths that fit the theme of logistics, mounting iPads directly onto the booths to provide information about each service in a cost and space efficient manner.

We also created a theater area where key players in the industry provided exclusive insights on the latest trends in logistics. The seating tiers were created with oriented strand board to give it a rugged look that was still extremely sustainable.

with World Quant: International Quant Championship 2019

Back for their second instalment, the International Quant Championship once again saw finalists from all over the world compete to make the best trading algorithms.

This year, we managed the dinners at Marina Bay Sands Convention Center, and the gala dinner at Flower Field Hall. We came in to set the mood, decorating the areas with lightboxes and wonderful backdrops.