Flash Reads Sep '19

In this month's issue...

1. Why Do So Many Book Covers Look the Same? Blame Getty Images

Take a spin around Kinokuniya and you'll quickly notice that most books not on the bestsellers list have shockingly similar artwork. The existence of stock image repositories like Getty and 123rf have made it all too easy to come up with designs. I mean, who really has the time or money to go through the entire process of photoshoots and post-production?

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2. A Decade of Music Is Lost on Your iPod. These Are The Deleted Years. Now Let Us Praise Them.

When was the last time you touched a music player that wasn't your phone? Or even listened to a song pre-this year? With music streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music dominating the market, perhaps it's time to dust off our records (and iPods) and listen to the music that defined our childhood (or early adulthood).

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3. The Gambler Who Cracked the Horse-Racing Code

The coming together of computer science and math gave birth to an algorithm that helped one man amass a fortune on horse-racing. This algorithm accounts for every conceivable variable and is a valuable testament to the importance of experimentation and continuous improvement.

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