2019, an update

The coming of Spring this year ushered in a new era for Japan, and with it a break from centuries of tradition. For the first time, the era name – Reiwa – was inspired from classical Japanese poetry rather than Chinese literature. Back here in Singapore, Flash has been quietly breaking our own traditions by pushing ourselves to produce some of our best works to date. Here are some of our best works so far.

with DBS: Platforms Accelerate

Following up on the success of the various Platforms Connect events in 2018, we once again got to work for the first Platforms event of the year.

Our lightboxes were reskinned and deployed as prominent structures during the event. The first lightbox let attendees know they were at the right place, while the second showed the trajectory of the Platform teams’ milestones.

As a permanent reminder of their goals and wishes for the year ahead, we produced a wall for the teams to paste their wishes on. The easily movable structure is now on display in their office!

with DBS: CBG BA Town Hall

When the Consumer Banking Group approached us with the idea to hold a gallery showcase for their town hall, we were filled with excitement at the possibilities.

We designed the connected wall with the goal of facilitating crowd movement in mind. Starting on one side, attendees would walk to the end before looping back the other way. At each showcase, attendees were able to paste stickers and vote for their favourite consumer banking innovation.

with DBS: Education Disrupt 2019

Education has the power to transform lives and plays an integral role in shaping the leaders of tomorrow. This also makes it a prime space for startups who make use of technology to better improve the learning journey. Our mission was to design the exhibition area and coordinate the AV inside the auditorium.

We opted for an unconventional display ratio for greater flair. The panoramic view looked great for videos!

We put in a ton of work to make the gallery stand out – from using 60” TVs to separate the lab areas to separately lighted pillars, it was a visual spectacle if we dare say so ourselves!

with HSBC: COMEX booth

From backdrop and counter fabrication to logistic deployment and set-up, we were there every step of the way with HSBC to make their COMEX booth a reality.

Closing thoughts

It’s been a hectic start to 2019, and things only promise to get crazier in the second half. But hey, we’re not complaining.