Flash Reads Feb '19

In this issue:

1. How SoundCloud Rap Took Over Everything

The best rap music isn’t on Spotify (or even Tidal). It’s the age of face tatted SoundCloud rappers with dreadlocks. Having launched just over a decade ago, the streaming site gained popularity as the site for mashups and remixes. Now, upstart rappers have taken over the site by storm.

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2. Nintendo & designing humanly

From home screens to in-game, Nintendo has had a long history of nailing both UI and UX design. From de-cluttering menus to making sure each interaction is fun, these are just some of the things that make their consoles and games a pleasure for gamers of all ages.

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3. Can lettuce survive climate change?

It’s 2019. This means you’ve probably heard a lot about global warming. Here’s another disturbing effect that will affect everything from your Subway order to your next steamboat. Yikes.

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