2018, looking back

To describe this year as phenomenal would honestly be an understatement. From Canada’s legalisation of cannabis to the two Korean presidents crossing the DMZ, it almost seems as if we’re moving towards a brighter future.

It’s been a phenomenal year for Flash too. We’ve redesigned our website, started a fortnightly curation of our favourite articles, doubled down on CSR efforts, and challenged ourselves with events we never could have dreamed of doing in 2017. Curious? Here’s our favourite few to end out the year.

with Keepers: Playground of Infinite Happiness

A ten day celebration of all things local, Playground of Infinite Happiness featured homebred and locally based designers curated by founder of Keepers and Carrie K. Jewellery, Carolyn Kan.

Art installations and booths selling an assortment of knick-knacks were sprawled across five floors in National Design Center.

Aside from event management and logistical deployment, we also had a team of guerrilla marketers spread publicity in the area through ice cream giveaways.

We counted over 46,000 smiles throughout the event.

with DBS: 99% SME

You know it’s a big deal when minister Chan Chun Sing graces your event. Initially launched in 2015, DBS relaunched their 99%SME portal making it easier for businesses to connect with customers.

Aside from event and logistical management, we were also tasked with coming up with design collaterals like handbooks and EDMs. As for the exhibition area, we had the vendor booths curve around the venue’s pillars to maximise the number of vendors we could accommodate as well as minimise traffic congestion. We think that’s pretty genius.

with World Quant: International Quant Championship

Finalists from 15 countries competed in the International Quant Championship, an inaugural affair by asset management firm World Quant, in an attempt to make the best trading algorithms.

Held in Resorts World Sentosa, the two day feat saw us having dinner next to the sharks and kicking back in our own hotel room suite. Of course, this was only possible after weeks of design, planning and production work to ensure the event ran like clockwork.

Closing thoughts We’re excited for 2019. There, we said it. For one, we’re dying to find out the ultimate fate of our favourite Avengers in Endgame. For two, we have a whole lineup of new events in the midst of planning. Need we say more?