Flash Reads 10/12

In this issue…

1. From $12 Lip Balm To A $433B Community

If you’re any bit invested into beauty products, chances are you’ll have heard of Glossier. Describing themselves as a “people-powered beauty ecosystem”, Glossier has taken the millennial world by storm. But what is it about the brand that just clicks?

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2. How Google Keeps Its Power-Hungry Operations Carbon-Neutral

The company worth over 700 billion USD has become an indispensable part of our lives, but to power all the technology that makes our lives easier doesn’t come cheap. Here’s a look at how Google’s doing their part for the environment.

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3. The Would-Be Terrorist vs. the FBI

How one man’s disillusionment with the nation drew the attention of the authorities and led to a two-year operation.

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