Flash Reads 26/11

In this issue…

1. For A Day, We Bought Everything That Was Advertised To Us

Advertisements have basically reached peak sentience. You can search literally anything and your social media feeds will be overrun with relevant advertisements within the next day. What happens when one writer decides to buy everything advertised to him?

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2. How Instagram Spoils Your Relationship With Food We’ve all either been or been with that person. You know, the one who finds every creative angle to feed their gram with the latest #foodporn photo. Instead of waiting for your food to turn cold, here are all the reasons why you should just, well, eat.

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3. My Moments With Stan

With his limitless imagination, he set the bar for superheroes and created many of the icons we’ve come to know and love today. A poignant look back on one writer’s memories of Stan Lee.

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