2018, an update

To say the least, we’ve been busy. For one, many of us are down with severe bouts of superhero fever, tearing at the thought of certain neighbourhood spiders turning to dust. We’ve also been in the midst of setting up our new office, much to the chagrin of our significant others who lament at how we’ve been spending more time in Ikea than with them.

Then there’s all the internal projects we’ve been working on, the most notable being us doubling down on our commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR), and whilst the rest are still works in progress, we’re definitely excited to be unveiling them in the months to come. Of course, we wouldn’t be an events marketing company if we weren’t busy doing, well, events. So, in no particular order…

with DBS: Platform Launch

As part of their continual efforts to embrace the digital age, DBS introduced its Platform Launch initiative. Targeted at their internal business partners, the initiative aimed to strengthen the marriage of traditional banking models with technology so as to provide technology-driven banking solution.

We were brought in to help spruce up the stage. Drawing inspiration from the graphic assets provided to us, we came up with the twin helix pillars that stood proudly at each side of the stage. These served as a representation of adaptability in this digital age. The minimalist design wasn’t just relevant, it was also very in.

with DBS: SEED Challenge

Hopeful candidates looking to join DBS had their mettles tested through a series of challenges around Singapore early one Tuesday morning. Drawing cues from The Amazing Race, six teams went head to head in challenges meant to test their leadership, teamwork, and wit. Invigilators from DBS’ human resource department were also present at each station to assess candidates.

Prior to the event, we came up with various ideas for the challenges and went through intense playtesting and game balancing internally before we finalized the final five. We also came up with clue cards, from backward riddles to cryptex codes, that teams had to decipher for their next location. Event management aside, we also helped with all the logistical deployment on the event day itself, as well as design and production of the assets required.

with DBS: Electronics Disrupt

A new generation of digital technologies in Asia demands businesses stay current, but that’s easier said than done for most. Electronics Disrupt 2018, an initiative by DBS BusinessClass, was a conference and showcase of the latest and greatest technologies with the potential to transform current businesses. With leading veterans in the market taking valuable time off to share their insights, we made sure the stage was set up perfectly. Thanks to our inhouse design and logistics expertise, we also helped set-up the gallery showcase where visitors got to peruse and try out technologies like 3D printing and robotic arms.


With that, we enter the remaining half of 2018. Arms interlinked, we press on, wading through uncertain waters. One thing’s for sure, our spirits are high and our creativity knows no bounds.