4 ways marketing is changing

In recent years, our spending patterns have changed drastically. We now buy products first based on our emotions, before justifying the purchase rationally afterwards. There’s a reason we always go back to the same handphone brand, even if a competitor’s flagship model has better or newer features!

Emotional value of brands and product are more important than ever, and rightfully so. We work hard for our money, with hours spent behind our desks, typing furiously on our computers (or on our phones), and as such, we care about how our money is spent, and what we spend it on. We also want to reward ourselves for working so hard, so we want to spend our money — but only on businesses we feel good about.

There’s also an abundance of information brought about by the advent of technology. Brands and products flood our TV and movie screens, resulting in one big blur. Consumers find it hard to differentiate one brand or product from another.

So how can businesses, like you, engage with us as consumers? We’ve compiled some surefire ways to bump up your value on the emotional scale.

Strike a conversation

We love our social media, evident from the photos of babies, food, puppies and occasionally scenery, flooding our news feeds. Social media also allows us an avenue to voice our opinions. That’s why staying social is number one on the list. Take Scoot for example, they often connect with their customers by responding to feedback and criticism promptly on Facebook. Their recent banter with SGAG on Facebook brought in 15,000 post likes and 2,000 new page likes. You can see the campaign here.

Get vouched for

We know what you’re good at, so why not try letting someone else spread your message for you? Of course, this person has to be credible, and as such, celebrity endorsements are definitely something to consider, even more so since celebrities love social media now. Apple Music got Taylor Swift to limber up on the treadmill to Drake and Future’s popular single “Jumpman”. Swift’s Instagram post has 1.4 million likes, the Youtube ad has 12 million views, while Drake and Future’s single has increased sales of 431%. You can watch the video here.

Tell a story instead

Take a page out of Kate Spade’s book and change up the traditional advertisement format. Their #MissAdventures campaign features advertisements in the form of short stories that run on YouTube like a TV series. Products featured in each episode are then made available on a shoppable microsite. After a successful season 1 in 2015 starring Anna Kendrick, the series is back with an all new cast. You can watch the episodes here.

Standing out

We look at so much content every day that it can be easy to be drowned out. Draw my attention by differentiating yourself with a clever campaign. One campaign that caught our eyes was “Unadvertise” from hotel group Small Luxury Hotels of the World. We’ll let the advertisements speak for themselves, over here.

As a company that prides itself in the experiential nature we’re able to provide, we incorporate the concept of subtle messaging and standing out in the services. This is so we can come up with campaigns that create positive and lasting impressions in the minds of your customer, and ultimately, bring your brand to life.