2017, looking back

It’s been a year filled with strife and ever-growing unease, a year where news you normally cared about became hidden behind an endless barrage of breaking-news alerts. Idols passed (RIP Chester, we still miss you), nuclear tensions escalated, and Twitter became the modus operandi of passing out new legislations. Yet, amongst all the flames melting the world around us to smithereens, here at Flash, we kept as positive as possible going about our daily hustles. If anything, we gave everything we had, and then a little. Here are some recaps of our proudest moments this year.

feat. SMU MITB

We’ve talked about our success with the SMU Masters in IT and Business (MITB) anniversary dinner before (in case you need a recap, click here), but that was just the finished product. Everything started with the logo, a visual reflection of theme and message. We’d like to think our final product, binary styled into a radiating sun, was able to successfully capture both the essence of MITB and its grandeur. Next, we went on to events management, coordinating vendors, venues, and even social media campaigns. Once the foundation was set, we built upon it with our customized thematic games. These were meant to pique the minds of the crowd, a mix of IT-savvy bachelors, by having them solve riddles and puzzles.

feat. Renew Group

The first sight walking in to your office can either be a plain white wall, or it can be a display of your company’s accomplishments and objectives, displayed in an engaging infographic manner. That’s exactly what we did for Renew Group, acting as mini décor experts during their move to their new office. From designing to installing the wall sticker design, we felt like real professionals in our own home renovation reality show.

feat. DBS DigiFY Launch

At this point, we’ve almost preached to death the importance of being part of the digital age. DBS made that easy for its staff with the launch of DigiFY, a program that provides staff with an online platform to learn new skills for free, earlier this year. Launching such a massive campaign company-wide was no easy task, but we were there to help.

Pop-up booths, dubbed ‘DigiFY stations’, were installed at their various offices for staff to engage at. DigiFY stations also featured helpful infographic tutorials to minimize barriers of entry. Every good game has to have a reward, and this gamified learning platform was no different.

We helped to source for, and design all premiums participants received, making sure that they were attractive enough for the staff to work for.

feat. DBS Treasury Prism

Lastly, our proudest moments recap wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the launch of DBS Treasury Prism at Marina Bay Sands (in case you need a recap, click here). Event and logistical management aside, we were also in charge of the design elements. The various infographics on display at the gallery showcase were designed and fabricated inhouse, taking into account the props that would also be installed, such as tablets and acrylic holders. Our previously well-received string art installation made its return as well, better than before with colourful ribbons for a psychedelic rainbow effect.

2018 approaches

We move into the new year full of hope and renewed vigour. A wise man once said, “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land amongst the stars.” Luckily, we’re all marksmans here at Flash, and in 2018, the moon is exactly where we’re aiming for. Still, there’s a time for everything, and now is the time for winding down and enjoying the end of year festivities. But make no mistake, once the countdown is over and the clock strikes 12, we’ll be shifting back into gear and revving to go.