In a different light

As more businesses begin to incorporate technology into their day-to-day workflow, it only stands that complex tasks of the yesteryear should become much simpler thanks to these new processes. In mid-October this year, DBS launched its revolutionary treasury management solutions tool, Treasury Prism, and we were called in to help out with its launch. We’d be lying if we said organizing this mammoth event was going to be easy, but if there’s anything we love more than truffle fries it would have to be a challenge.

Dividing the ballroom into two, there would be two parts to the showcase. The front half would encompass the stage while the back half housed the gallery showcase.

Borrowing from our past success with string art, we improved upon both form and function by using ribbons instead. Ribbons, which were not only easier to install, came with the benefit of being reflective. Making use of on-site lightning, we reflected red spotlights onto the structures, resulting in a visual spectacle that simultaneously kept in-line with DBS corporate branding. These structures placed strategically at the sides of the stage, doubled as gateways to the gallery showcase behind after the first segment had finished.

Over at the gallery showcase, our second installation paid homage to Treasury Prism with a psychedelic rainbow of colours.

Setting up this event would require finesse. We started from the chairs, getting a mix of white and grey to break up the monotony. Furniture was segmented in a way that didn’t give off a vibe the place was crammed.

We then got the screens in. Three panels, two at the side featuring an interchangeable live feed or slide presentation, whilst the centre was capable of streaming real-time from the stage for technical capability demonstrations.

The gallery showcase made us of inhouse designed infographics, partnered with tablets, which allowed guests to freely peruse the latest fintech offerings at their own pace.

We didn’t stop at setting up the event, we also coordinated and ran the show. From the technical aspects of audio-visual and lighting, to the dynamic assets like logistics and ushering, we made sure everything was in order for a flawless show.

And a flawless show it was indeed.