2017, an update

In the flash of an eye, half the year has passed us by, and while our presence on the interweb may have been stiller than the summer breeze, we have by no means been enjoying piña coladas by the beach. In fact, our journey in 2017 has been nothing short of hectic, yet immensely fulfilling. Here’s an overview of the projects we’ve tackled this year.

with SEAT: Ushering in the Year of the Rooster

To kickstart our slew of projects, we ushered in the new lunar year with SEAT. As they were launching a new fleet of everyday cars just in time for the rooster’s first crow, SEAT needed a little help injecting some festive flair to their showrooms. Thanks to the efforts of our resident magician, we conjured up some eye-catching signboards and an inviting glass decal so every passer-by would turn their heads and take a gander at SEAT’s new offerings.

with DBS Asia X: A housewarming party

Moving into a new home is cause for cheer, especially when your move coincides with the lunar new year! Relocating to the beautiful office spaces in one-north, employees were in for a treat at the new DBS Asia X (DAX) headquarters with a morning of festive cheer. We came in to help, sprucing up DAX’s new space with spring flowers, golden lanterns and special Year of the Rooster props for the perfect Instagram photo. Adding on to the festive cheer was a line-up of lunar new year necessities: lion dance, yusheng tossing and plentiful angbaos to go around. Employees even got to face off in a heated battle of karaoke abilities and the coveted title of Festive Best Dressed.

with DBS Asia X: Innovation Showcase

With new technologies waiting to be unveiled, our team was once again activated to set up a gallery allowing visitors to have a glimpse into the future of financial technology. How were we to shrink so many great ideas into an easily digestible format? Our resident magician once again set out to work magic, and poof! Out came six infographic boards, graphical elements aplenty to break up the monotony of information. Visitors gained a clear insight into the future and thanks to the strategic layout, traffic flow in the gallery was smooth.

with DBS Asia X: Hacking to the cloud

Over the span of two days, throngs of hackers from various walks of life gathered at DAX headquarters to test their coding mettle for the chance at a job. Budding hackers were able to take a chill pill from their sessions thanks to the mini Nerf gun range, console game station and sleeping bag areas we had set up. We also included a whole range of computer science puns so they would feel right at home! After all, there really is no place like

Last words

As you read this, the gears in our minds are at Mach 2 coming up with solutions for other ongoing projects. While they churn away at the idea mill, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank each and every client who has been a part of our journey this 2017. As we set foot into the second half of 2017, our hearts are brim with excitement and we can’t wait to show you what we have in store.