The unicorn affair

The late Audrey Hepburn once said, “Opportunities don’t come along often. So, when they do, you have to grab them.” For the 16 UNI.CORNs, university undergraduates selected for DBS’s exclusive internship programme, these thoughts flowed through their minds as their journey to the end of the rainbow drew closer to the finish line.

The UNI.CORN internship programme offers university undergraduates and postgraduates a chance to change the world of banking from the inside. The twelve-week programme culminates in an exclusive pitching session where interns duke it out on the battlefield of ideas and innovation — the UNI.CORN DEMO DAY.

Here at Flash Concepts, we were tasked with designing the venue for the UNI.CORN DEMO DAY. Having received very specific guidelines from DBS, we racked our brains for ways to adhere to the brief as closely as possible, whilst still making sure that our theme would create an environment where creativity and innovation would thrive.

Digging deep through countless Pinterest boards and the deep chasm that is our brains, a light bulb finally lit above our heads: cyber fantasy! Why cyber fantasy? Well, unicorns are legendary creatures, hailing straight from the realms of fantasy, so incorporating an element of fantasy was a given. However, fantasy alone would not be enough. We added a touch of cyber-techno vibes to keep the theme relevant. After all, the DEMO DAY was all about the latest in financial technology.

With a theme in mind, we began searching for ways to communicate this theme. Sure, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) may be all the rage now, but was it really necessary for this event? Would incorporating such technology take the attention away from the UNI.CORNs?

In the end, we decided to go old-school, a blast from the past… with a twist! Behold.

This rainbow arch greeted attendees. Forged out of aluminium and satin string, the arch acted as a portal, transporting all attendees who passed it to a new dimension. The UNI.CORN’s dimension.

Taking cues from Bifrost — the rainbow bridge that appears in the movie “Thor” — we lay a magnificent rainbow carpet that led to the presentation stage. LED lights graced its sides, lighting up at intervals for that special bling.

At the last leg of the journey, each group ascended to the Launch Pad. This Launch Pad served as the centre, the cockpit, where our UNI.CORNs take control of their destinies and navigate their way to success. 3… 2… 1… take off!

The iconic UNI.CORN monument stood proudly, lit up by special ultraviolet lights. A symbol of creativity and miracles, the proud mare retains its lustre even in the dark.

As the event drew to a close, the UNI.CORNs gathered one last time, passing through the dimensional portal and back into reality. The twelve-week internship has armed them with new perspectives and skills that allows them to tackle any challenges that come their way. Bravely, they face the next phase of their lives, unicorn blood flowing through their veins.