Make your next event memorable

In a world completely digital, it can be hard to get the eyeballs and footfall necessary to make your event a success. If event-goers aren’t engaged, they could be in and out within a matter of minutes — definitely not the ideal outcome. Keep the attention on your event with these simple tips.

1. Provide information that matters

A prerequisite of any successful event is making sure people know about it. Provide date, time and venue information, along with the highlights of your event, so interested parties can free up their calendars. A good rule of thumb is to give one to two months lead time prior.

2. Keep your audience engaged

Pique interest and create hype around your event through the use of innovative technology and social media! This keeps audiences engaged during the event (think of a crowd immersed in virtual reality), and encourages propagation.

3. Give them a meaningful takeaway

Lastly, give your event-goers something to remember your event by. It doesn’t even have to be something extravagant, a simple gesture like a customised tote bag or printed photo works wonders! Plus points if the takeaway carries some sort of branding for lasting engagement that doubles as promotional material for subsequent events, if any.

How Flash Concepts can help

Of course, integrating various components is an essential part of running any successful campaign. If you’re looking for help with your upcoming event, here are some solutions that Flash Concepts provides.

1. Engagement angles

As avid believers that effective marketing is brought about through active communications, you can be sure that the events we conceive center around engaging the consumer. Every campaign we conceive goes through our unique methodology process where we consider various ideas to make every event relevant and engaging to your consumers.

In addition, for an instant wow-factor, we also provide SmileClouds, a new way to inject life at your event. Create an endless possibilities of cloud designs in mere seconds. More information can be found on our dedicated SmileClouds Facebook page.

2. Reliable management

Flash Concepts helps with liaising with a variety of vendors and suppliers during event coordination. Then, thanks to our own in-house logistics team, we are able to go one step further and allay all your worries by handling all aspects of the set-up process. Sit back and watch ideas come to life with us.