A greener Flash ahead

Come 2020, France goes green with the “Energy Transition for Green Growth” plan, an initiative that allows France to make a more effective contribution to tackling climate change. Under the plan, all plastic cups, cutlery and plates must be compostable and made of biologically-sourced materials.

For Flash Concepts, this piece of news really spoke to us, especially considering our recent commitments to environmental sustainability. As an agency, it’s undeniable that there will be moments of wastage, but as much as possible we are making efforts to reduce our wastage and contribute to a cleaner, greener environment. From making sure we print on both sides of the paper (if printing is really necessary, of course), to reusing rough paper for all our draft work, it’s the little things that count! On a larger scale, we also try to be environmentally conscious when it comes to the experiential events we conceive. When buying props or material, we consider its reusability value. In the event we don’t think it will be reused for future events, we rack our brains for alternatives.

For example, at our latest SMU MPA 10th Anniversary Gala Dinner, we incorporated wine corks into our table setting as holders for the VIP name tents. At the silent auction table, the bidding jars were made from recycled pasta sauce jars dipped into fairy dust to create its golden sheen. As for the photobooth structure, it’s collapsable nature has us anticipating the next time we get to use it.

Going further back, at the DBS UNI.CORN event, the outer structure of the rainbow arch, rests in the confines of our office warehouse. The planks underlying the rainbow bridge were also retrieved back for the next time we need to lay a red carpet.

We believe that tackling climate change really starts from the smallest of actions. Our minds are brimming with ideas that we look forward to putting into practice and moving forward, we will definitely be exploring more ways in which we can contribute to environmental sustainability.